Jan 26

The BIG 01

I first met Leonardo when he was only a few days old. I went to Joe and Gina’s beautiful home and captured this image, still one of my favorite newborn pics to date.

Fast forward about a year and we had so much fun at his 1st birthday session. Someone recently asked me what sessions I enjoy the most and I have to write that smash cake sessions are pretty high on my list. There are so many unknowns when it comes to how a baby will react to a cake being put in front of him or her. Take my daughter, for instance, she was overly cautious and didn’t want anything to do with the cake at her cake smash session. My Mom and Aunt had to literally push her hands into the cake to get her to interact with it. We found, through trial and error, that the cake was too sweet for her. So, when we she had a cake in front of her again at her 1st birthday party, we made sure it was yellow cake with whipped cream icing. Let me tell you, that made a world of difference.

That can be one of the benefits of a smash cake session…a dry run before the big day.

Some kids, like Leonardo, were born cake eaters. If you looked at all of the images, you would see from the first frame to the second, half of the cake was in his mouth. Gotta love an overzealous baby.

Thank you to Joe and Gina for bringing Leonardo to the studio and big smiles to my face.


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