Jan 14

Brandi’s Baby Bump Session

Let me first write that I love shooting outdoors; nature’s backdrop offers so much variety. One of the things that I love about Pittsburgh is that we actually experience all 4 seasons here. Having lived in Texas and California when I was younger, I appreciate that and wouldn’t have it any other way. Don’t get me wrong there are definitely days when I think a nice tropical vacation would be welcomed. Yesterday was one of those days. I remember thinking, as I looked at the forecast earlier in the day, 40 degrees sounded perfect for spending some time outside with Brandi and TJ.

I know, I know, shocking that it was actually colder than what was forecasted, I mean meteorologists are always so accurate 😉 Who knows, perhaps it was 40 degrees, but MAN was it windy outside and let me tell you that there were a couple images that I had to photoshop some red/purple hands. Brandi and TJ were troopers and seemed quite relieved when we strolled back to a heated studio.

Thank you to the Dornettos and I am so excited for the arrival of baby girl Jessie in a few months.


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